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I created Thriving Leaf Women’s Ministry for a couple of reasons. First, because I have a passion to teach everyone, especially women and children, the Word of God, and to give them a more hopeful and courageous outlook on life. Where I come from, on the Eastside of Detroit, a solid foundation sounds unattainable. If I can plant a seed in the lives of young women, my prayer is that it will take root and they will begin to build upon it  and pass down a solid foundation that will stand for generations to come! Secondly, this ministry gives me the opportunity to be resourceful to my community and to the world to share God's Word through my writings. I love to write. It is in writing where I find freedom and it is my goal to inspire women to do what they love! Last, but certainly not least, God wants us to be a light to everyone that crosses our paths. My ministry is that light! 

Support the mission and work  of Thriving Leaf Women's Ministry when you donate today. 

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