THRIVE LIKE A GREEN LEAF is a self-examination handbook by Erica Jackson provoking readers to look more like God in the midst of seemingly unfavorable circumstances.

It challenges the way we view ourselves and encourages us to trust God and start looking at ourselves the way He sees us!

This handbook presses you to examine nine key areas of your heart and replace any discovered dead areas with the fruit of the spirit (the character of God) so that you can begin to thrive like the green leaf you were created to be. In THRIVE LIKE A GREEN LEAF, the author shares practical tips on how to thrive by:

- Understanding that Love is not always a two-way street.

- Understanding that Joy and peace constitute an inside job.

- Understanding that patience and fortitude conquer all things.


THRIVE LIKE A GREEN LEAF is for anyone ready to put their complete trust in God’s strength instead of their own ability and be the example of His grace that He has called us to be for the world.

Thrive Like A Green Leaf